Made in Mattoon


In an expanded field of documentary, this project is an
excavation of materials and an
assembly of an archive. Through
objects, memories and stories, I explore my grandparents’ lives
to find where their personal histories intersect with the

I pull
letters, photos, and objects from this
archive and then
select, curate, maintain and arrange them like a
miniature museum.
Indexical portraits and
readymade works of art, the
white gallery space of A402
isolates and delineates every form for this installation.


Through a circuitous, meandering tour of the
individual items, without the benefit of
being anchored to a specific narrative, the viewer is left to
question what the relationships are
between the objects.

These items become launchpads to stories I share in a
hybrid documentary (working title: Made In Mattoon, still in process).

Both the installation and the film hold
distinctly different spaces for the
past and present,
micro and macro
worlds suspended
within the imagination.


Letter from Madge to EC, May 23, 1944, video (3:07)