He was always tinkering with building something at his workbench. He loved to work with scrap-wood, rebar, pipes––repurposed odds-and-ends. My family lovingly refer to his creations as ‘contraptions.’

Contraptions, are a collection of utilitarian household inventions. Each item has a unique function: tools for digging, a rack for grilling, a wagon for carting, or perhaps a show of humor.

After my grandfather passed away, I collected many of these handmade objects and photographed them. I love the materials and the way the objects are assembled–these choices remind me of my grandfather’s character.

Inspired by their forms and materials, I created a series of large-scale ink-jet prints, documenting some of the items. Focusing on what is left behind, indexing objects and stories through my camera’s lens, I am able to interpret, translate and retell the stories.

Installation views from post-grad exhibition, Re:Connections, Tin Flats, Los Angeles, CA. Aug, 2021.

Installation views, Re:Connections, Tin Flats, Los Angeles, CA. Aug, 2021.