Hello my name is Amanda

My purpose is to guide the creative process from inception to its complete visual form. I believe the best ideas develop when people share trust, authenticity and humor.

My process is to connect, observe, ask questions, clarify intentions, organize ideas and transform them into creative visual solutions.

My clients are individuals and companies who need awesome visuals of all kinds including brand identities, web presentations, videos, photographs and printed materials.    


For more information email info [AT] amandabauer.com


Amanda studied photography and print-making at California State University, San Jose, and received a BFA. After graduating, she worked in the Bay Area film and photography industries for the next 10 years.  She then moved to NYC where she studied documentary and multimedia at the International Center of Photography. She continues to expand her knowledge of art production, design and storytelling through continued education courses. She is always looking for inspiration and ways to expand her skill set.